Are you newly engaged or soon to be? One of the first big decisions you’ll make — after you pop the question, of course— is where to have your wedding. Is a big traditional wedding not in your plans? Or, maybe you’re dreaming of a picturesque backdrop for your upcoming nuptials? If this is the case, you might be considering an elopement or small ceremony in a national park like Zion. In nearby St. George, the Copper Rock Golf Course is home to perhaps the most beautiful wedding venues St George UT has to offer. Beyond the green rolling hills of Southern Utah’s premier course, you’ll have views of the mountains in the distance, not to mention easy access to all of the beautiful Copper Rock Vacation Rentals for you and your bridal party and guests to stay in. 

But if you’re planning a smaller affair, you might be wondering whether you can exchange your vows in Zion National Park. Keep reading as we explore the rules surrounding events in the park and tips for planning your big day.

Can You Get Married in Zion National Park?

It’s no secret that Zion National Park is beautiful. The millions of people who come to the park each year are certain to agree on that point. But it is a national park, and as such, it is carefully protected in order to maintain the plant and animal life that live there and to preserve it for future generations.

But don’t fret. As long as you are willing to follow some strict rules, you are allowed to get married in Zion National Park.

If you’re dreaming of backdropping your wedding ceremony with Zion’s stunning red rock canyon walls, there are several steps you’ll have to take just to get permission to host your wedding within the park.

The first step will be to fill out an application. You can find the application on the National Park Service’s website. Besides filling in information about yourself, you’ll also need to include details about where, when, and how you would host your wedding ceremony in the park.

Wedding Venues in Zion 

Angels Landing would certainly make for a stunning spot to exchange your vows. But getting married in Zion isn’t as easy as picking your favorite spot and inviting your friends. Before you list your favorite trail or overlook, it’s important to know that there are only a few specific sites where you can host a wedding or similar event in Zion. And each site puts a cap on the number of people you can have there for your event. These sites and their maximum attendance numbers include:

  • Temple of Sinawava: Maximum of 35 people
  • Menu Falls: Maximum of 10 people
  • Zion Lodge Lawn: Maximum of 75 people
  • Nature Center North Lawn: Maximum of 50 people
  • South Campground Amphitheater: Maximum of 100 people

You can also request to hold your ceremony in Kolob Canyon at the Timber Creek Overlook. You can have up to 20 people at this site. But you cannot have more than 4 cars for your entire group, because of parking restrictions.

Wedding Rules in Zion

After you’ve listed your site of choice, you’ll also need to estimate how many people you will have in attendance, as well as the number of vehicles they’ll use to arrive. Don’t forget to include your officiant, photographer, videographer, or other event staff in your total, as well as in the vehicle total. The application also asks for a list of support equipment that you’ll be bringing in, like chairs, tables, or maybe an arch for your ceremony. Finally, you’ll need not only to set a date, but also list the start and end time for the big day.

If you’re planning to get married at one of the best wedding venues St. George, UT has to offer, you’ll need to plan your big day far in advance. This isn’t necessarily the case in Zion, though. Your application needs to be filed at least 3 weeks ahead of your chosen wedding day. Keep in mind that submitting an application does not guarantee approval. It’s a good idea to submit it very early. That way you can make other arrangements or amend your application if it gets rejected the first time.

Along with the application, you’ll also need to include a $100 application fee. This covers administration costs for handling your application and other aspects of your event. In some instances, an additional $50 per hour fee may be necessary. This may be the case if the size or complexity of your event requires that you have a monitor present.

You can pay your fee electronically here. Completed applications should be emailed to

Things to Consider About Getting Married in Zion

Besides choosing one of the approved locations to host your wedding in Zion, there are a few other rules and considerations you should know when you are planning your big day.

To start, while the above locations can be reserved for your wedding, they will never be closed during the event. This means that other park visitors may be in and around the area while your ceremony is going on. If you’re worried about noise or crowds, you might opt to set your date during a less busy time of year. Or, hold your ceremony very early in the day when crowds may be thinner.

Another consideration when choosing your location and date is that you’ll still need to utilize the shuttle if it is running. Not even the bride or groom can travel by personal vehicle. That means that all guests and equipment need to be transported via shuttle. This includes chairs!

When you’re planning your decor, keep in mind that you’ll need to follow a few guidelines. One is that you can’t alter the landscape in any way, such as by digging holes to erect an arch. You can bring live flowers into the park. But they can’t have any seeds that might accidentally drop and later grow. Your decorations will need to be approved by the park service before the big day. Don’t bother requesting permission for any kind of confetti, rice, birdseed, or other items to be tossed after you say your “I do’s.” These will always be rejected. Banners and signs are also not allowed. If you want to go all out on your decorations for your wedding day, you can’t do so here. Consider booking your ceremony and reception at some of the best wedding venues St George, UT has to offer instead.

Booking the Best Wedding Venues St. George, UT and Zion Have to Offer

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Have you already said yes and are starting to plan your big day? Southern Utah is a beautiful place to choose. Whether your big day will be a destination wedding or close to home, there are several venues to choose from within the park, and nearby Copper Rock Golf Course. Start planning your special today!