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Two LPGA Events Coming to Copper Rock Golf Course in May

Beautiful landscapes and mild winter weather make St. George, Utah a year-round golf destination. Stunning courses like Copper Rock Golf Course are popular among both casual golfers and serious players. So it’s no surprise that Copper Rock has been chosen to host not one, but two different exciting events this May. If you’re looking to watch some incredible talent during your spring visit to Southern Utah, these two events are...

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5 Things to Do During Your St. George Vacation

Located in the heart of Southern Utah, St. George welcomes millions of travelers from around the world every year—and for good reason! With several national and state parks, beautiful golf courses, a variety of museums, and so much more, there’s something for everyone to enjoy during a St. George vacation. We’re here to help you plan a getaway in the best rental properties St. George UT has to offer. Keep...

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St. George Utah Vacation Rental Wedding Venues

We often receive this question: ‘Is using a St. George Utah vacation rental property as a wedding venue advisable?’ The most commonly used vacation rental platforms nowadays are Airbnb and VRBO. Most people book these for their family vacations, but did you know you can also use them as event venues, such as for your wedding? Renting an Airbnb or VRBO for your wedding is possible, although some restrictions may...

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Why Copper Rock is the Best Vacation Rental Community in Southern Utah!

With incredible state and national parks, museums, and cultural scenery, Southern Utah is undoubtedly the most visited holiday destination in the US. No wonder it attracts many adventurers and outdoor lovers seeking a memorable holiday. There are so many things to see and do in Southern Utah that it is hard for travelers to know where to start. With so much to explore, it should be no surprise that there...

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Why Vacation Rentals Are Ideal Spots for Hosting Business Work Parties?

If you want to change how you host your work parties whether your in St. George, Washington, or Hurricane Utah, then considering vacation rentals is an amazing idea! When you are fed up with regular bars and restaurants from our lackluster town for your business events, then looking for something completely different is the key. Sunny Vacation Rentals offers many high-end luxury retreats right here in Southern Utah for work...

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4 Top Reasons to Book a Vacation Rental for Your Corporate Retreat

Want to organize a unique corporate retreat in Southern Utah with a difference? Then, a vacation rental is just what you need! Vacation rentals can do miracles when you want to give your employees something special. Not only will you change your regular workspace, but you will also enjoy many activities that will contribute to stronger professional relationships between co-workers. Additionally, Utah is one of the states frequently recognized as...

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Amazing Vacation Rentals at Pecan Valley Resort

The Pecan Valley Resort is one of the most astonishing places in Utah, just 10 minutes away from Sand Hollow State Park! It is an area with stunning landscapes ideal for unique stays and memorable experiences. It is a spot that offers you access to the most scenic views and spectacular activities in the heart of Utah. Simply put, if you are striving for an authentic trip, don’t look further...

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Why Choose Vacation Rentals as Wedding Venues in St. George, Utah?

There’s nothing better than planning a celebration of love somewhere far away from home! Your wedding is one of the most significant milestones of your life, so the location you choose definitely needs to be special. That said, how about tying the knot in a secluded, romantic place amidst the picturesque scenery? With near-perfect weather throughout the entire year, it’s obvious why you should consider St. George as your wedding...

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Visiting the St. George Utah Temples

Are you looking for unique places to stay while touring the newly renovated St. George Temple or visiting the newly built Red Cliffs Temple in the Washington Fields area? Before we recommend our favorite places to stay near the St. George Temples, let’s give a brief overview and history. The St. George Temple is not only the first temple built in St. George, Utah, but it is also the oldest...

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The Best Vacation Rentals in Paradise Village at Zion

Set in the quaint outskirts of Santa Clara in Utah, dripping in luxury and surrounded by marvelous landscapes, Paradise Village at Zion invites you to a heavenly vacation where you can genuinely relax and enjoy life’s little pleasures.  This is the ultimate location for the whole family as this newly-found community features countless exciting experiences for all ages! While you are out in the sun, kicking your feet up without...

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