Whether it’s your first time booking a vacation rental or just your first time renting from a new vacation home rental agency, there are some important questions that you’ll want to get answered before your arrival. In fact, some of these questions are ones that you should ask before your vacation rental is ever booked.

Asking these questions can help ensure that the vacation rental that you’re choosing is the right fit for your travel party. They can also help you to better understand any rules you might need to follow during your stay. Or help you learn guidelines to help you fully enjoy the property’s amenities.

If you’re planning a stay at Copper Rock Vacation Rentals, keep reading. We’re breaking down some common questions guests have before they arrive in the best vacation rentals Utah has to offer. 

How Many Guests Can a Vacation Rental Accommodate?

One of the most important questions to ask before you book is how many guests a unit can accommodate. This is usually a number that you can find directly on the listing. When you book St. George vacation rentals from Copper Rock, you’ll find the number of guests each unit can accommodate beneath the name of each vacation rental. You’ll also find the number of bedrooms and bathrooms each unit has.

Too many first-time vacation home renters overlook this number. For instance, they might see that a vacation home has a spacious living room or basement. They might think that they could set up inflatable mattresses to accommodate more people than the listing advertises. However, the number of people listed on a vacation rental is often a safety measure, and should never be ignored. This number often reflects how many people a home can legally and safely accommodate due to fire codes.

Before you start planning, know the maximum number of guests that will be joining you. Then, book a vacation rental that can accommodate your entire group. If your plans aren’t set just yet, book a larger rental than you expect to need. Planning a visit to Southern Utah with a large group? Our vacation home rental agency has multiple homes that can sleep more than 20 guests, as well as one that can sleep 25!

What Time is Check-Out/Check-In?

Another important question you’ll want to ask your vacation home rental agency is what time check-in and check-out are. Knowing these times can help you make your travel plans, including flights and other travel arrangements. If you know that you’ll be arriving early on your first day, consider planning a group activity like a fun lunch or shopping trip. That way you aren’t just sitting around waiting to get into your rental. 

Occasionally, early check-ins or late check-outs can be accommodated. However, these are never guaranteed, and should always be viewed as a bonus when available.

What Do I Need to Do When I Check Out?

If you’ve only ever stayed in hotels in the past, you might not be expecting check-out procedures for your stay. But many of the best vacation rentals Utah has to offer have some guidelines that guests are asked to follow before checking out. These help to keep the home safe and prepare it for the cleaning crew’s arrival.

You’ve no doubt heard the horror stories of Airbnbs with multiple pages of chores guests need to complete before they check out. But at Copper Rock Vacation Rentals, we have a few simple guidelines that we ask guests to follow. 

These will take you just a couple of minutes on your way out the door, and include things like locking the doors and windows and starting the dishwasher. These guidelines can be found on our FAQ page. They are also provided in your vacation rental upon your arrival. 

Is There Anything That I Need to Know to Use the Vacation Rental?

Along the same lines as asking about check-out procedures, you may also want to ask if there’s anything you need to know to use the vacation rental’s amenities. Often, any information that you’ll need will be provided in the home when you arrive.

At our St. George vacation rentals, for instance, you’ll find guidelines for how to get your private pool ready for use, if your rental includes one. For instance, your pool may have a cover on it and a vacuum running upon your arrival. You’ll find detailed instructions for removing the cover and vacuum and enjoying the pool in your rental. These can also be found on our FAQ page ahead of your arrival.

Asking Your Vacation Home Rental Agency These and Other Questions

Copper Rock Vacation Rentals’ stunning homes are the perfect basecamp for exploring all that Southern Utah has to offer! Whether it’s your first time booking a vacation home or you’re an experienced traveler, these are just a few of the questions you might have before your arrival at one of our beautiful vacation homes.

The answers to these questions and many others can be found on our website. Many are located on the FAQs page. This page is dedicated to answering common questions our guests have before they arrive in our St. George vacation rentals.

But if you find yourself with more questions that you’d like to ask your vacation home rental agency, we’re just a phone call or email away! Contact us today to get your questions answered so you can start preparing for your arrival at the best vacation rentals Utah has to offer!