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This article will be talking about the different Online Travel Agency (OTA) platforms, the different booking platforms, namely Airbnb, VRBO and We’re going to walk through the pros and cons of each one of them when you should use each one of them and which ones are best. So if that is something you’re wondering about, you’ve been curious about, you want to know more about, keep reading below....

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Top Favorite Vacation Rentals Near Zion National Park

Zion National Park is Utah’s third most visited and most popular park, with nearly 2 million visitors every year. Wondering why? The gorgeous red rock formations, soaring towers, and thousand-foot-tall canyon across the Virgin River make this place truly incredible and on every adventure seeker’s list. The unique scenery is composed of sandstone from the Virgin River, which has eroded over time. This iconic picture-perfect river forms the main attraction...

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How to buy your first vacation rental in St. George Utah

But remember, your goal isn’t simply to buy your first rental property, it’s to keep it and to build a viable business as a real estate investor. In this article we’re diving into a topic that’s on everyone’s mind, how to get your first vacation rental in St. George Utah or any of the surrounding areas. We often get questions about our experiences as real estate investors, both as a...

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3 essential tools you need to run your vacation rental

As a new short-term rental investor, it can be really intimidating and overwhelming looking through all of the different pieces of technology and platforms that you may or may not even need to manage your short-term rental.  Let’s go over the five core tools that you need to manage your short-term rental efficiently. Channel Manager We are going to go through the software part of the list first. And the...

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Can Airbnb’s Crash The Housing Market?

Is an Airbnb crash something that is ultimately going to happen that’s going to bring down house prices? At the moment, there’s a belief floating around the internet, primarily on mainstream media, that there’s going to be a bust with regards to Airbnb because of less people out there using them and oversupply of these properties, revenue per property dropping, that’s ultimately going to lead to short-term rental owners having...

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Purchasing Vacation Rentals in St. George Utah

“Did you notice how many people came to Utah when we host the Iron Man, or maybe how big the Parade of Homes is. We have large turnouts! This has got us thinking about the process of buying vacation properties and then renting them out. The next-door house is for sale. Could that be a good option for a vacation rental? We hear this from almost all of our customers...

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The Top Five Tips to Vacation Rental Ownership

A recent stay in a short-term rental located in St. George, Utah brings thought to the best vacation rental practices. With consideration to the industry, trends, and renter’s needs, this is a collection of the top five tips to vacation rental ownership. Tip #1 Know the industry. Although a large part of rental ownership involves real estate management, a successful rental relies on hospitality, first and foremost. There are many...

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4 steps to buying your first Vacation Rental

Short-term rentals are one of the best types of real estate investments you can purchase. But as the old saying goes, “You make money when you buy real estate, not when you sell.” So if you mess up on the purchase of your short-term rental, then you’re really setting yourself up for failure. Here at Sunny Vacation Rentals, we get questions all the time that say things like, “How do...

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