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Red Cliffs National Conservation Area

Highlights: one-of-a-kind setting, spectacular landscapes, astonishing mountain bike trails, distinguished desert ecosystems, rare and protected species, unique rock shapes you cannot see elsewhere, and a perfect ambiance for taking a break!

Who: Everyone

What: Red Cliffs National Conservation Area, a far-reaching desert divided into two zones – Upland and Lowland 

Where: Located north of the city of St. George, the southwestern corner of Utah

When: Open 24 hours a day all year round, Visitor Center works from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm 


Unlock Magical Experiences in The Red Cliffs National Conservation Area

When looking for somewhere unique to visit, you should consider Red Cliffs National Conservation Area. It is a place with splendid views and magical natural beauty. Moreover, it is characterized by rare wildlife you will definitely want to see. It is the perfect spot for an adventurous holiday for the whole family because it offers something for everyone! Whether you want to stay for either a short or long time, you will definitely have fun and never be bored.

The Conservation Area is located north of St. George City, in the southwestern part of Utah. It consists of distinguished desert ecosystems, including different plants and animals. Some of the flora and fauna you will see there cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. The reserve is mainly created to protect these rare creatures that live in the area since they need special conditions to survive. Additionally, its history will surely pique your interest since the place is of major value to paleontologists. Namely, it is proven that dinosaurs once roamed in this area, as their tracks were discovered back in 1998 and then re-examined in 2012. The Red Cliffs National Conservation Area dinosaur tracks showed that multiple types were present, some of which have been identified, others remaining completely unknown. That said, with every step you take here, know that you’re walking on ancient ground!

Although the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area is highly protected, you can still find accommodations to make your adventure convenient. There are numerous vacation rentals near Red Cliffs National Conservation Area with splendid amenities to ensure your vacation does not lack anything. Depending on how many days you intend to stay and what places you want to visit, you can surely find something that suits your needs! 

However, besides the stunning species and convenient vacation rentals near Red Cliffs National Conservation Area, this place is also popular for its activities. The Desert Reserve is highly known for its exceptional outdoor adventures. If you want to have a vacation with a difference, you need one that offers exciting physical activities. 

First, when it comes to things to do in Red Cliffs National Conservation Area, you should aim for its widely popular thrilling mountain biking and hiking trails. In addition, it is a spot where you can try rock climbing and canyoneering. And if you want to try something really amazing, you can go for a hot air balloon ride or a guided Jeep tour. 

Nonetheless, if you are not up for adventurous things to do in Red Cliffs National Conservation Area, then you can find something laid-back. This refers to exploring the cliffs and the rocks and looking for rare animals. You will be surprised how many creatures you have not known exist. 

Lastly, do not forget about photography opportunities. The Red Cliffs Desert Reserve is quite scenic, so you would like to have that framed. You can experiment with the lens and take some really cool shots right in the heart of the desert. So, remember to take your camera before you set off. 


What Is The Best Time to Visit The Red Cliffs National Conservation Area? 

The best time to visit the Red Cliffs is in spring due to the pleasant temperatures and nice weather. That is, it does not get really hot in spring, so it is ideal for hiking or biking. Moreover, rain is not so common in spring, meaning it is perfect for exploring the desert area. 

Summer is not really convenient because it gets really hot and the temperatures rise significantly high. Moreover, the canyon pools, rivers, and waterfalls dry out due to the heat, so you might not be able to experience scenic landscapes as you expected.

Winters are not cold because the temperatures are relatively mild. During this time, there are no crowds, so you might enjoy the tranquility of the desert. Nonetheless, you might be unable to partake in Red Cliffs National Conservation Area hiking or biking since the conditions may not be ideal. 


What Are Your Options to Get to The Red Cliffs National Conservation Area? 

If you decide to travel to Red Cliffs National Conservation Area, you will have several options.

By car: Most commonly, travelers use cars to reach the Conservation Area. They use Interstate 15 from St. George and then Old Highway 91. Since there is a parking area, getting to Red Cliffs by car is quite convenient.  

By plane: If you are traveling by plane, the closest airport you should land at is St. George Regional. You will need only 30 minutes by car to reach your final destination after your flight. 

By bus: You can also take a bus to Las Vegas or St. George, but you will still need a taxi to reach the Red Cliffs. 


3 Top Adventures You Need to Try When Visiting Red Cliffs National Conservation Area 

Red Cliffs National Conservation Area Hiking 

There are numerous hiking trails in the Conservation Area, so you cannot miss out on the experience. Some of the most popular trails are Yellow Knolls Trail, popular for its Slickrock dunes, as well as Red Reef Trail, known for magnificent rock canyons, pools, and waterfalls. There are many more, but these ones are a must! 

Biking Filled With Adrenaline 

If you are up for some real adventures, then mountain biking is your activity! You can explore the charming surroundings of Red Cliffs on a bike on your own or with a guide. Whatever you choose, you can be sure it will be worth it! 

(Rock) Climb To The Top!

Since the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area is known for its amazing rock formations, you should not omit a rock climbing adventure. There are many guided tours you can find happening in different places. However, we recommend trying Snow Canyon State Park because it has the highest rock climbing routes. 

If you are ready for an adventurous Red Cliffs National Conservation Area trip, you should not wait any more but start planning! Do not forget to check out the vacation rentals near Red Cliffs National Conservation Area we have on our website to ease up your planning process. Once you set your accommodation, the fun can begin! 

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