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Lake Powell

Highlights: endless sunshine, warm water, boating, fishing, kayaking, perfect weather

Who: Perfect for all, from adventure seekers to families.

What: Lake Powell

Where: Arizona-Utah border, 

When: Ideal year-round, with peak seasons during spring and summer.

Opening hours: daily, can vary based on the specific facilities and services( visitor centers, marinas, and recreational areas)

Fee: entrance fee for private vehicles (valid for 7 days) was around $30.

Lake Powell is an artificial reservoir created by Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River. The first impression would be that you are looking at the perfect blending of desert beauty with aquatic wonder. This iconic reservoir is located between the border of Arizona and Utah. The turquoise-blue color contrasts the reddish stones, creating a paradise for photographers, adventurers, and all nature lovers. There is an abundance of things to do around Lake Powell, the second-largest man-made lake in the USA. From boating, fishing, and kayaking to water skiing and carefully thought-out Lake Powell tours on houseboats, this place is nothing short of amazing.

After 17 years of construction work, it got its final appearance in 1980. Since then, it has been considered one of the most scenic lakes in America.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Lake Powell?

When it comes to the best time to visit Lake Powell, it all falls down to personal choice. However, you need to pay mind to the weather conditions depending on which activities you want to partake in. With that in mind, the park is most enjoyable during the spring and fall – the temperature is warm and comfortable, and it’s less crowded than summer. Springs are ideal for doing Lake Powell kayaking and other water sports, while the colors of the fall perfectly complement the overall look of the Park.

Alternatively, summers on Lake Powell are fantastic since the water is perfect for swimming, but many people come here during this time, so crowds are more than expected. Finally, you might want to avoid the winter since the temperature can get quite harsh, and you can’t do any water activities at all. But photographers might really enjoy the park during the winter – the scenery is amazing, and there’s practically no one around.

Lake Powell

How to get to Lake Rowell?

Depending on where you are leaving, you have four-point arrival methods and the nearest cities on this site.

  • If you go with your vehicle from Las Vegas, Phoenix, or Salt Lake City, you can drive to Page and then follow the signs to Lake Powell.
  • Page Airport is the nearest airport; from there, you can take a car and embark on a fun-filled adventure!
  • Public transportation is available from major cities like Salt Lake City and Las Vegas. Buses are much more frequent during the summer since everyone wants to cool off in the splendid waters of the lake.

Where To Stay Near Lake Powell?

In the vicinity, there is a larger space for primitive camping, which is free. It offers portable toilets and a picnic area. For safer and easier navigation, get a map of the place. Moreover, Lake Powell camping on the marina is strictly prohibited. There are other camping sites in the area that are better equipped, perfect for glamping with your pals. 

But, if camping is not really up to your taste, check out our site to find the best vacation rentals near Lake Powell.

Things to do near Lake Powell

Off-road ride 

Explore-worthy opportunities can be found at Glen Canyon. On the eight miles of road that make up the Orange Cliffs Unit’s 100-mile Poison Spring Loop, which is situated on NPS and nearby BLM property, all ORVs are permitted for usage. All other specified roads are only accessible to conventional motor vehicles.

Be aware that between 10 pm- 6 am is a rest period, so riding and noise are prohibited.


The Lake Powell area caters to various hikers, ensuring something for every taste and preference. In fact, the Lake Powell hiking trails are considered some of the best in the area! Horseshoe Bend is great if you prefer land-accessible hikes for around 1.5 miles. You need to pay a fee, but it is worth it because of the stunning view of Glen Canyon and the Colorado River. The whole hike takes 1 to 1.5 hours. 

A little bit shorter hike is hidden on the Hanging Garden trail. One-mile round trip with an easy incline, where you can explore a lush alcove with springs and ferns. Do not hesitate to take a longer hike the next morning. Choose 6 miles in the Wiregrass Canyon trail and enjoy a remarkable landscape of slot canyons, hoodoos, and natural bridges.

How does a combination of hiking and riding a boat sound to you? If you are ready for a water-accessible trail, Moqui Canyon is waiting. Also, Crystal Springs Canyon will give you an unforgettable water journey, provided only by boat or kayak. When there, do not miss forgotten Canyon and Marvel at Defiance House ruins and traverse enchanting Smith Fork slot canyons.

Kayaking and paddleboarding

Lake Powell kayaking is an experience that shouldn’t be missed – no questions asked! This pleasure will cost you from $30 to $60 per hour or $100 to $150 per day. You can feel the tranquility of crystal-clear water at this perfect kayak and paddling playground. You can even rent equipment for your smallest family members!

Lake Powell

Places to visit near Lake Powell 

If you haven’t made your list of places to visit yet, here are some suggestions for the North Lake Powell area: Gregory Arch, Bullfrog Bay, Cathedral in The Desert, Clear Creek Canyon, Escalante River Arm, Forgotten Canyon, North Lake Powell, and Rainbow Bridge National Monument.  

Don’t miss to visit this natural stone(monument) and listen to the myths and legends connected with this wonder)

On the other side of the coin, the Southern part of Lake Powell is abundant with mesmerizing locations that are a true treat for the eyes. Some places worth checking out are Antelope Canyon, Dangling Rope Marina, Face Canyon, Gunsight Canyon, Navajo Canyon, and Padre Bay.

Culminating Insights

This is your easy guide on how to organize your trip to Lake Rowell and how to have the best time. Before leaving, check the weather conditions and the likelihood of restricted zones or road closures. Prearrange your accommodation in some vacation rentals near Lake Powell we have prepared for you.

In the meantime, check out the rest of our blogs for even more vacation ideas!

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