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Gunlock Reservoir / Gunlock Falls

Highlights: Exceptional scenery, picturesque desert landscapes, outstanding rock formations, and wondrous backdrop for extraordinary adventures. Gunlock Reservoir is perfect for water activities, fishing, bird watching, and photography. It is a place for genuine calm and relaxation!

Who: Everyone

What: Gunlock Falls, Utah, is an amazing hiking area surrounded by magnificent scenery  

Where: Southwestern Utah, USA, 15 miles northwest of St. George City 

When: Monday to Sunday from 7 am to 9 pm


Unlock The Beauty of Gunlock Falls and Taste The Adventure

Gunlock Falls is a hiking area – part of the Gunlock Reservoir and Gunlock State Park. The park is known for its amazing landscapes and rock formations, making up an awe-inspiring region perfect for different activities and sports. When you want a holiday with a difference, Gunlock State Park is the ideal spot to achieve that. You can create extraordinary memories with the whole family through various adventures in the heart of the Gunlock Reservoir. 

Driving 15 miles northwest of the city of St. George will take you to the most majestic place in Utah. There are many vacation rentals near Gunlock Falls, meaning your holiday can be convenient and easy. The crystal clear waters of Gunlock Reservoir, along with the friendly atmosphere of travelers, will make your vacation amazing. Even if you are traveling with kids, your trip can be cozy and comfortable. But most importantly, straight out thrilling! 

Moreover, you can be sure that your holiday will never leave you bored. There is an abundance of things to do in Gunlock Falls that you will not be able to decide what to choose. Depending on the season you are visiting, you can pick activities suitable for you and whoever you are traveling with. Do not worry, there is something for everyone, so you will certainly find something exciting! 

The summer and spring seasons are perfect for fishing and water sports, such as kayaking, boating, and paddleboarding. However, you can always opt for hiking to explore the gorgeous rock formations and stunning desert scenery. The hiking trails will allow you to admire the flora and fauna of the region and experience a completely different ambiance during your vacation. 

In addition, the Gunlock Falls area offers tranquility and peace – an ideal atmosphere to get away from the busy city life. Therefore, even if you do not like sports and physical activities, you can use your time to connect with nature. With that in mind, The Gunlock Reservoir can be your perfect getaway. 

We should not forget to mention that the area is perfect for those who like to put their photography skills to use. Taking pictures of outstanding landscapes will allow you to practice your photography abilities and experiment with the lens. The results will be exceptional, and you will make a great addition to your photo collection. 

Lastly, among the things to do in Gunlock Falls, you can consider bird watching. This region is home to different bird species, so if you are a bird fan, do not forget your binoculars. You might spot some local species you have never seen before! 


What Is The Best Time to Visit The Gunlock Reservoir? 

If you want to make the most of your trip to Gunlock Falls, you should consider visiting this area in spring or summer. Spring is considered the best season for exploring the Gunlock Reservoir because the temperatures are mild and ideal for hiking. In other words, you will enjoy pleasant weather without extreme heat. Additionally, it is the perfect season for picnics and camping at Gunlock State Park. 

On the other hand, if you want a taste of water adventures, then you should think about heading to Gunlock Falls in the summer. You can spend your time fishing, kayaking, boating or just relaxing along the clear waters of the Gunlock Reservoir. For all you anglers out there, just make sure to check the Gunlock Falls fishing rapport to ensure that those swimmers will bite!

Fall is also a good time to visit this area because there is no extreme heat, but you can still take part in outdoor adventures and activities. Plus, there are no crowds like in the peak season, so you can really have a pleasant time. Simply put, this is the ideal time for some Gunlock Falls hiking!

Winter might not be a suitable time to visit Gunlock State Park because the temperatures are lower, and nights can get significantly chilly. Moreover, some of the things to do in Gunlock Falls might be limited, so you will not be able to have the ultimate experience. 


How to Get to Gunlock Reservoir? 

There are several options to get to the Gunlock Reservoir, so you can choose whatever is the most convenient for you. 

  • By car: The easiest and most convenient way to reach the Gunlock Reservoir is by car. This is a flexible option because the area is only 15 miles away from the city of St. George. It is about a 35-minute drive. 
  • By bus: Another option is to take a bus from St. George to Las Vegas or Salt Lake City and take a taxi or car rental from there. There is a bus every 2 hours, and you will reach your final destination in about 40 minutes. 
  • By plane: If you live far from St. George City, Salt Lake City, and Las Vegas, you might consider taking the plane to the closest airport to St. George. Make sure to schedule a flight that lands at St. George Regional Airport (SGU) because this is the most convenient option to reach Gunlock Falls. 


3 Ecstatic Activities to Do in Gunlock Reservoir Area 

Boating among red rocks and stunning waterfalls 

If you want to experience real adventure, you should not miss out on Gunlock Reservoir boating among its red rocks. Taking a day on a boat accompanied by swimming will fulfill your holiday. Making the most of Gunlock Falls’s surroundings will make your vacation unforgettable! 


Hike to the gorgeous waterfalls 

You may want to skip the water activities but cannot skip Gunlock hiking, specifically the magnificent waterfalls that make it a true beauty. Visiting Gunlock State Park is a must when you travel to the area. Admiring the red rock formations accompanied by the glorious crystal-clear waterfalls will make your holiday complete. 


Fishing at its finest 

Fishing in the Gunlock Reservoir area offers a unique experience. First, you get to enjoy your favorite activity with spectacular views. Second, you have the chance to catch different kinds of rare fish, such as channel catfish, crappie bluegill, rainbow trout, and largemouth bass. However, make sure you get a permit before you set off for your fishing activities. 

If you are planning a trip to Gunlock Falls, you can be sure that you are about to witness something magical and authentic. Ensure that you check our page for convenient vacation rentals near Gunlock Falls before you start your adventure. You are one step away from making your holiday pleasant and cozy! 

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