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Duck Creek Village Utah

Highlights: stunning mountain scenery, unlimited recreation and outdoor activities, a perfect setting for camping, fishing, and hiking, suitable for winter activities, the village includes shops and restaurants, and the village encompasses national parks and national monuments.   

Who: Everyone

What: Duck Creek Village, Utah, recreational mountain retreat for adventurous vacations

Where: Located on the edge of Cedar Mountain, part of Kane County, Utah  

When: The village is accessible all year round, while the Duck Creek Visitor Center operates from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm, and Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm

Buckle Up for a True Adventure in Duck Creek Village Utah

Have you ever wanted to find the perfect recreation spot for your next vacation? If you strive for a holiday filled with adventure and breathtaking scenery, you have just found your ideal destination. Duck Creek Village, Utah, is a marvelous mountain retreat with spectacular landscapes and numerous activities that can make your trip truly adventurous. In addition, it offers an ideal setting for getting away from the city’s clamor, so you can find your peaceful break there. 

Duck Creek Village is located on the edge of Cedar Mountain near Brian Head Resort and the town of Kanab. If you want to make your stay convenient and pleasant, you can look for vacation rentals near Duck Creek Village and find accommodations that will be suitable for your vacation. The village is quite picturesque and enjoyable, so many visitors opt to make it their permanent home. And due to its serenity, the Village, along with Duck Creek Pond, Utah, poses an idyllic retreat where you can unwind, recharge your batteries, and tackle whatever challenges that may be burdening you.

With that in mind, you should know that the vacation rentals near Duck Creek Village we offer on our website are great for long stays. So, if you intend to spend the summer in Utah’s scenic surroundings, you can be sure that you will have a cozy and comfortable place to stay in. 

Whether you decide on a long or short stay, you will be impressed by the beauty of Duck Creek Village. Wherever you turn, you will be surrounded by awe-inspiring mountain views, which is an ambiance necessary for a truly relaxing vacation. Moreover, the village offers conditions for unlimited outdoor activities. Therefore, if you are up for an active holiday, here is your chance! 

Among the things to do in Duck Creek Village, you will certainly find fishing, camping, biking, and hiking the most popular. Additionally, you may also find Duck Creek Village, Utah camping as a prominent suggestion since the views and settings are nothing short of spectacular. People who love the outdoors regard the village as a genuine piece of heaven. Moreover, there is winter fun for those who like adventures during the cold days. You can enjoy skiing, riding a snowmobile, and enjoying a cup of hot cocoa in a yurt. The place is magical and has everything one can wish for!

When it comes to things to do in Duck Creek Village, we should not forget to include visits to the national parks and monuments. Namely, the village is home to three national parks and five national monuments, among which are Zion National Park and Arches National Park – astonishing gems of Utah. Plus, they are inhabited by amazing wildlife, so you should take the chance to explore these areas. 


When Is The Best Time to Visit The Duck Creek Village?

Although the village is open all year round, some seasons might be more suitable for a visit to the village to experience its magic. Most visitors prefer to travel to Duck Creek Village in the summer, starting from mid-June. Since the village is situated at 8,400 feet elevation, springs can still be cool and chilly. If you want to explore outdoor activities, then summer will allow you to have the most pleasant time. 

On the other hand, fall is also a nice time to visit Duck Creek because of the foliage it offers. The landscapes of fall and the changes in colors will leave you breathless. Plus, the temperatures are still mild, so you will enjoy your time doing outdoor activities. 

Winter might not be ideal for everyone because of the low temperatures, but the scenery is amazing. Even though the park services are closed during winter, Cedar Breaks Monument is accessible by snowmobiles, snowshoes, or skis. Therefore, you can still experience a wonderful time if you do not mind the cold.


What Are Your Options to Get to Duck Creek Village? 

No matter where you travel, you will have a few options to reach Duck Creek Village.  

  • By car: Generally, travelers use cars to reach the village. From Kanab, the picturesque route 89 will take you to SR-14, 12 miles west of the village. If you begin your trip from Cedar City, you will have to follow the direction to Cedar Mountain, which is filled with majestic landscapes. 
  • By plane: If you travel by plane, the closest airport you should land at is Swains Creek Airport. However, you should still take a car rental or a bus to reach the village. 
  • By bus: There is no direct line to Duck Creek Village, but you can take a bus to Cedar City and then reach your destination by taxi. 


3 Thrilling Adventures You Should Not Miss While in Duck Creek Village

Summer Fun In The Village!

The most exciting part of the village is the top of Cedar Mountain and its activities. The Navajo Lake, as well as Duck Creek Pond, Utah, are quite tempting to tourists with its clear waters. Here, people spend time boating, fishing, or swimming. However, those who do not want to engage in physical activities can relax on the campground. 


Abundance Of Scenic Trails

You cannot miss out on the magnificent Duck Creek Village trails of the village. There are short and long ones, but each of them is unique and quite scenic. If you do not want long hikes, then the Cascade Falls area has the perfect trail with spectacular views of the falls and the Navajo Lake.


Explore The Mysterious Caves Of The Village 

Those who enjoy hiking will also enjoy the caves of the village! One of the most popular ones is Mammoth Cave, located in the Dixie National Forest. The cave is quite large and was created by cooling lava, so expect to be impressed. Another amazing one is Ice Cave, which is quite small but totally worth visiting. The coolest thing about the cave is that it has icicles throughout the whole year, so make sure you have your camera ready!


The Duck Creek Village is an outstanding holiday destination, so you should not hesitate to book your trip. The landscapes and other features will make your stay quite comfortable and adventurous. Once you establish your vacation rentals near Duck Creek Village, you can begin packing because you are in for real excitement!


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