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3 essential tools you need to run your vacation rental

As a new short-term rental investor, it can be really intimidating and overwhelming looking through all of the different pieces of technology and platforms that you may or may not even need to manage your short-term rental.  Let’s go over the five core tools that you need to manage your short-term rental efficiently. Channel Manager We are going to go through the software part of the list first. And the...

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Can Airbnb’s Crash The Housing Market?

Is an Airbnb crash something that is ultimately going to happen that’s going to bring down house prices? At the moment, there’s a belief floating around the internet, primarily on mainstream media, that there’s going to be a bust with regards to Airbnb because of less people out there using them and oversupply of these properties, revenue per property dropping, that’s ultimately going to lead to short-term rental owners having...

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