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We often receive this question: Is using a St. George Utah vacation rental property as a wedding venue advisable?’ The most commonly used vacation rental platforms nowadays are Airbnb and VRBO. Most people book these for their family vacations, but did you know you can also use them as event venues, such as for your wedding? Renting an Airbnb or VRBO for your wedding is possible, although some restrictions may apply. In this article, we will provide details and logistics regarding what you need to know if you decide to select an Airbnb or VRBO property as your wedding venue. Firstly, why would you consider a vacation rental as a wedding venue?

Why Choose a Vacation Rental as a Wedding Venue

Opting for vacation rentals adds a touch of uniqueness and non-traditionality to your wedding. Not only do they provide onsite lodging for the couple, but they can also accommodate the bridal party and even the family. Furthermore, these rentals boast picturesque onsite locations that are perfect for capturing memorable photographs throughout your special day. With beautiful locations here in Southern Utah, you can find vacation rentals with breathtaking views of Zion National Park. Whether you prefer secluded and remote rentals or something else entirely, there are countless reasons why vacation rentals make an excellent choice for a wedding venue.

Walk through your property before booking

We highly recommend that if you are considering booking a property, you should reach out to us first. Feel free to message us on AirBnb or VRBO and ask if it is possible to visit the property in person. It is not advisable to book a property without seeing it beforehand. Sometimes, pictures do not accurately represent the property and it could be much better in person. On the other hand, the pictures might make the property look amazing when it is actually not. It isn’t very pleasant to arrive at a place and realize that it is nothing like what you expected based on the pictures. This situation can definitely occur. We try our best to represent the property as best and possible and most people using the home as a simple vacation rental might not care if things are slightly off. But we do highly recommend scheduling a tour with us to walk through the property. Worstcase scenario, ask for a video tour, whether it’s live or prerecorded, if you are going to use one of our homes for a wedding and expect to pay a little bit more than if you’re using it as a standard vacation rental. This is because there’s a lot more involved when using a property for a wedding more wear and tear on the property and more people coming and going. Ensure that you get a fuller understanding of the property beyond the pictures provided in the listing.

The Perfect Wedding Portraits

So if you’ve been dreaming of portraits of you and your spouse, and you want to have a lot of variety in backdrops for your pictures, message us to find out which of our properties have the best options? Things you should consider are whether we have enough different spots around the property, good walls, nice landscaping, and beautiful views to provide the variety you’re hoping for in your portraits. This is definitely something that many people might overlook when browsing through the photo gallery of a property. If not, you could try using Google Maps to explore the surrounding area and see if there are any suitable locations within a five to 10-minute drive where you and your spouse, along with the photographer, could take a short drive or even venture down the long driveway at the end of the road. Alternatively, you could schedule a tour of one of our recommended properties for wedding venues in St. George, Utah.

What are Your Wedding Venue Needs?

Do you need your bridal party to also be there? Do you need your whole family? So if you’re searching for a venue, make sure that it can actually reasonably and comfortably accommodate the amount of people you need. Make sure that for the rest of your guests that there is lodging close enough by within a reasonable drive, whatever you think is reasonable. We have plenty of other smaller homes in the same area other family members can rent out, reach out to us for exclusive discount codes to give out to your family members. Along with our other vacation rentals we have other lodging sources close by such as hotels and motels.

Vendor Services

One thing you should be aware of is the vendors that will service the area where you book your vacation rentals. When it comes to vacation rental properties, all of ours are typically a la carte, meaning they won’t include any of your rentals or vendors. You’ll have to bring in all the necessary items yourself. We do have a couple of rentals that provide tables and chairs for an additional cost, but for our other rentals, you’ll need to bring your own tables, chairs, and food catering staff. Are you willing to cover the transportation expenses for your vendors to reach the venue? They might come to you, but they’ll charge a lot for transportation, which could cost you hundreds of dollars extra. This is something you need to be aware of, and we always recommend using local vendors in the area to avoid additional fees.

When planning your event, cooking is another important factor to consider. Many of our rentals feature professional chef kitchens capable of accommodating up to 50 people. However, if you’re expecting 200 guests at your wedding, cooking offsite may be necessary. It’s crucial to discuss these details with your catering staff as it can impact the level of service and the overall quality of the food.

Wedding Planners

We strongly suggest that when booking with Sunny Vacation Rentals, you consider hiring a wedding planner or coordinator. Regardless of whether you choose a small or fullservice package, it is crucial to get some assistance rather than taking on everything by yourself. Many people think they can handle all the arrangements on their own, but this often leads to unnecessary stress. It’s always beneficial to have professionals coordinating with vendors and property managers, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the vacation rental property. Unexpected challenges may arise, which require prompt attention from someone knowledgeable. By allowing the wedding planners to handle such matters, you can ensure that your special day unfolds seamlessly.


Don’t just have a wedding but love your wedding. Explore some of our event-friendly vacation rentals below that could make for the perfect wedding venue.

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With incredible state and national parks, museums, and cultural scenery, Southern Utah is undoubtedly the most visited holiday destination in the US. No wonder it attracts many adventurers and outdoor lovers seeking a memorable holiday. There are so many things to see and do in Southern Utah that it is hard for travelers to know where to start. With so much to explore, it should be no surprise that there are plenty of places to stay as well. So, if a trip to this gorgeous destination is on your mind, it is time to start planning to make the most of your stay. 

Keep reading as we share one of the best communities of vacation rentals in Southern Utah- Copper Rock, offering a memorable and comfortable stay for your upcoming trip!

Stunning Views

If gorgeous views are what you are looking for, Copper Rock is the place for you. The luxurious community comes with high-end furnishings and offers access to the pool and spa area. You can easily soak up and enjoy the stunning views of the course and beautiful mountains. The best part of the community is that from every window, you get to enjoy picturesque views of the Pine Valley mountains. On top of that, some of the most fabulous vacation rentals in Southern Utah are located here! Trust us, this community is so stunning that from sunrise to sunset, your day will be filled with gorgeous and unbelievable sights.

18 holes Championship Golf

Copper Rock community is nestled in Hurricane Valley, offering a peaceful stay during your vacations. Additionally, the resort features 18 holes of championship golf with gorgeous views. It sits on an expansive 6901-yard course layout featuring a front nine and back nine mixes of challenging holes gently rolling up and down the hills. The good news is that the golf courses have been perfectly maintained to cater to players with different skill sets and have convenient access to the pool and onsite clubhouse.

Awesome Location

Copper Rock is conveniently located in the Hurricane Valley and is just 20 minutes away from St. George Airport. The best part? As you stay here, you are close to Zion National Park, Sand Hollow Reservoir, and many other popular attractions in St. George. So, whether you want to relax in the hot tub, play golf, or enjoy outdoor activities, you can just do everything you want.

Endless Outdoor Adventure

Southern Utah is well known for its endless attractions and thrilling ways to enjoy during the holidays. This area is known for lots of adventurous activities such as hiking, ATV riding, water sports, mountain biking, and more. You can easily explore this amazing place and enjoy the views you won’t find anywhere else before relaxing at your vacation rental. 

Copper Rock is one of the most popular and loved communities in Southern Utah. It has amazing, beautiful vacation homes with up to 6 bedrooms, perfect for family or group vacations. If you’re looking for a peaceful and memorable stay combined with modern amenities, the Copper Rock, St. George, Utah, community is your best destination. Blending luxury, convenience, and comfort, the vacation rentals make for an ultimate getaway! 

Looking for the best vacation rentals in Hurricane, Utah, or further? A world of options await you on our page – go check it out!


If you want to change how you host your work parties whether your in St. George, Washington, or Hurricane Utah, then considering vacation rentals is an amazing idea! When you are fed up with regular bars and restaurants from our lackluster town for your business events, then looking for something completely different is the key. Sunny Vacation Rentals offers many high-end luxury retreats right here in Southern Utah for work parties. this will be a major game changer, resulting in events that will keep the entire team entertained. 

Below, we have listed why hosting a work party in vacation rentals is a great idea for your next event. Once you look into the benefits you get, you will never look into another option for your event location. 

You Get a Luxurious Setting

Booking a vacation rental for your work party means getting the chance to have your event in a luxurious setting. Our vacation rentals in St. George Utah are modern and with gorgeous appeal – perfect for a special occasion for your employees. Moreover, you will get the privacy you need and have a place only for yourselves. Many restaurants and bars may have other guests in their locale during your event, but with a corporate party vacation rental, the spot is exclusively reserved for you. 

In addition, you can ensure that your business party has spectacular views and provides your co-workers with amazing surroundings. Plus, you get enough space for everyone, meaning you give each person a chance to mingle and create stronger relationships during the party. 

Personalization with Decor 

A vacation rental for work parties will allow you to personalize your events how you see fit. Even though restaurants and similar venues allow you to decorate, you still have some limitations with your choices. However, when you book a special accommodation for such an occasion, you have the opportunity to create the setting you have imagined. That is, you are allowed to make the whole business party more personal with details that you think are necessary. 

Cost-Effective Event Solution 

When choosing a corporate party vacation rental, you have the option to pick one that suits your needs in terms of the guest number. In other words, you can book a house that has enough rooms for all your employees and avoid the costs of arranging rooms in costly hotels around a particular area. With a book rental, you do not only get a luxurious setting but also convenient accommodations for everyone from your team. 

Extended Stay 

If you opt for a vacation rental for work parties, you can choose to extend your stay and engage your employees in activities the day after. Many of our rentals in Utah are located in areas that offer different things you can do the day after your event and give your business event a unique character. After the big night, you can explore the area as a team and enjoy special time with your co-workers. 


Choosing a vacation rental for your work parties will give your events a new meaning. This way, you can make your party stand out from the crowd and give your employees the time they deserve. Opting for a vacation rental means having something completely different that will bring a lot of amazing memories! 


For more information on the best vacation rentals for corporate events, check out our page.    



Want to organize a unique corporate retreat in Southern Utah with a difference? Then, a vacation rental is just what you need! Vacation rentals can do miracles when you want to give your employees something special. Not only will you change your regular workspace, but you will also enjoy many activities that will contribute to stronger professional relationships between co-workers. Additionally, Utah is one of the states frequently recognized as one of the best corporate retreat destinations due to its abundance of activities.

If you have second thoughts about vacation rentals for your corporate retreat, we are here to help you make the right decision. Below, you will read about several great reasons why a rental in Utah might be an exceptional idea for your retreat. 

Change of Workspace Scenery 

Even if you love your job, the setting of your workspace can sometimes be dull and uninspiring. You should not forget that productivity and motivation for work are partly influenced by the surroundings in which you do your job. In such cases, a change of scenery can do wonders for the outcomes of your work.

Taking your team at a vacation rental for a corporate retreat with breathtaking views can be exactly what your employees need for a motivation boost. Stunning surroundings are a great way to get the creativity flowing and begin the birth of new ideas. 

Team-Building Activities 

When you book a vacation rental at one of the many luxury corporate retreat destinations such as Copper Rock, the idea is not only to spend time working. On the contrary, you should plan some activities in the area that will allow your employees to let their hair down for the time being. Spending time doing fun stuff and exploring new surroundings will also influence the productivity and creativity of your co-workers. 

Luckily, Utah is a place of versatility and amazing opportunities!  The state offers so many interesting places you can visit, meaning your team can have a fantastic time without a single dull moment. 

Amazing Accommodation

If you decide to book a vacation rental for a corporate retreat, you will have the chance to stay in a luxurious accommodation at an affordable price. Our Utah rentals come with exceptional designs and spectacular views that will make you feel like you are staying in a 5-star hotel. Moreover, we offer spacious houses with the most comfortable rooms, so your employees will have an amazing stay without missing anything. 

Separate Place for Work

A corporate retreat vacation rental will allow each person to choose their own space for work. Your co-workers will be able to find a spot in which they feel more comfortable doing their tasks. As you know, some people enjoy working alone while others cherish the company of their colleagues. So, in a vacation rental, everyone will be able to choose their own perfect place where they feel the most productive.

When upgrading the productivity game with your team, booking a vacation rental for a corporate retreat is the ideal solution. You will be impressed by the achieved results and the stronger bonds of your co-workers. In short, a vacation rental can change the mentality of your employees, so it is definitely worth trying! 

To learn more about vacation rentals, please check out our blog page. 


The Pecan Valley Resort is one of the most astonishing places in Utah, just 10 minutes away from Sand Hollow State Park! It is an area with stunning landscapes ideal for unique stays and memorable experiences. It is a spot that offers you access to the most scenic views and spectacular activities in the heart of Utah. Simply put, if you are striving for an authentic trip, don’t look further than Pecan Valley Resort.  

Naturally, you need accommodation as grand as the Sand Hollow Reservoir in Utah to have a spectacular trip. For that reason,  we have provided you with some really cozy vacation rentals near Pecan Valley Resort. Our suggestions are created with your utmost comfort in mind, so whatever you choose will be absolutely worth it. 

Sand Hollow Aquatic Adventure:

Whether you want to enjoy the spectacular views and natural beauty or explore the magnificent surroundings of Pecan Valley, Sand Hollow Aquatic Adventure will give you everything you need! The luxurious 7-bedroom vacation rental near Pecan Valley Resort comes with majestic views of Utah, along with unparalleled comfort and state-of-the-art amenities. Your trip can be exactly how you imagined it. 

This vacation rental can offer accommodation for up to 26 people. So, if you are looking for a big group adventure, then this is your ideal place to stay. More precisely, if you book this glorious house for your stay, you will have access to the following amenities: 

When you book Sand Hollow Aquatic Adventure rental for your trip, you will have the chance to enjoy the scenic views of Pecan Valley. Moreover, you get to choose whether to spend your vacation adventurously or just relax in the comfort of the house. For instance, you can explore some of the Sand Hollow State Park trails or dip in the reservoir for a refreshing swim.

This amazing vacation rental near Pecan Valley Resort offers a fully-equipped kitchen with all the utensils you need, meaning you can always prepare your favorite meals. In addition, the bedrooms are designed to ensure your utmost comfort and opportunity to rest to the fullest. 

The house offers a basketball court and a mini-golf course for the more active guests, meaning you will never be bored. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a true adventure, you can always opt for activities to explore the surroundings of Pecan Valley Resort. There are stunning walking trails for perfect mountain sunsets, so you will never want to leave. 

Desert Hideaway at Pecan Valley

If you are looking for something more intimate, then a comfortable casita in the heart of Pecan Valley should be your choice. This amazing house has a full kitchen and comfortable bedrooms to ensure you have the best stay in the heart of Utah. 

This stunning vacation rental offers the following amenities: 

You can enjoy your stay at Pecan Valley at affordable prices by choosing this cozy vacation rental. It will offer you access to the best spots in this area so you can explore the region at your convenience. As the previous option, this vacation rental is in near vicinity to Sand Hollow State Park, where a world of adventure awaits you!

When looking for something different in Utah, our vacation rentals near Pecan Valley Resort will provide you with what you need – and more! You will get a guaranteed unique experience and spectacular options for an unforgettable stay! 

If you are interested in more information about vacation rentals, please check out our blog page.    


There’s nothing better than planning a celebration of love somewhere far away from home! Your wedding is one of the most significant milestones of your life, so the location you choose definitely needs to be special. That said, how about tying the knot in a secluded, romantic place amidst the picturesque scenery? With near-perfect weather throughout the entire year, it’s obvious why you should consider St. George as your wedding destination. 

The beautiful city is home to majestic views of the Red Rock Cliffs, numerous national parks, including the Snow Canyon State Park, and breathtaking views. With rich history, culture, and natural beauty everywhere, the wedding venues in St.George reflect entirely the city’s uniqueness, making them the perfect place to start your new beginnings. And to make your destination wedding even more memorable, we recommend you opt for luxury vacation rentals. Today, our article will focus on one such rental property and the perks of choosing a luxury vacation rental as compared to traditional wedding venues.

Memorable affair

Vacation rentals, such as AirBnbs, and VRBO’s offer joyous experiences in a dreamy location with extraordinary opportunities to transform your wedding into an unforgettable affair. The best part? Your guests probably won’t know much about the rental properties, so you get to surprise them with gorgeous settings!


By choosing a vacation rental as your wedding venue in St. George, you are not just embracing the lovely surroundings but also unlocking several opportunities for personalization. Choosing a rental property gives you more freedom to make the event uniquely yours and customize everything exactly as you envisioned. 


One of the essential aspects that attracts many couples to vacation rentals is the privacy it offers. The secluded settings let couples have a more flexible and intimate affair without any interruptions.

Destination Wedding Experience

When you choose vacation rentals as your wedding venue in Utah, you get to spend more time with your loved ones than hosting a multi-day celebration. You can arrange for fun activities like game nights or trips nearby where everyone gets to enjoy the destination with the vacation of a lifetime.

Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event connecting you with your soulmate for the rest of your life. As vacation rentals are special in their own right and also very economical, more couples are embracing the idea of celebrating their special day in tailored settings. If you are looking for a luxurious property but aren’t sure where to start, we are here to help. We have brought to you one such unique vacation rental as your wedding venue in St. George.

Copper Rock Vacation Rental

Elegance and refined luxury are the things that await you at this brand new high-end home by Sunwest Develop at Utah’s newest Golf community. And this is only the beginning! This beautiful home boasts the most gorgeous and picturesque views with the finest attention to detail at every corner. With some of the best grand golfing views from the home and pool, it is no wonder that it is one of the most preferred luxury vacation rentals for hosting a memorable ceremony. 

Nestled along the unspoiled settings, this opulent retreat offers peace and luxury indulgence. The modern-appointed grand five bedrooms enriched with lavish amenities ensure your stay is nothing short of extraordinary. As you arrive, you are greeted with the sight of a spacious garden, a striking view of the pool, and an added level of convenience and security. 

The expansive living areas are bathed in natural light, creating an inviting experience. Finally, the beautiful property welcomes you to respite amongst the beautiful new furnishing and state-of-the-art amenities. 

If you are planning a destination wedding in St. George, Utah, now is the time to explore this property and book it for your memorable occasion.

Let us know if you find our information on the luxury vacation rental for your Utah wedding insightful. Also, feel free to explore the amazing and informative ideas through our blogs!

Are you looking for unique places to stay while touring the newly renovated St. George Temple or visiting the newly built Red Cliffs Temple in the Washington Fields area? Before we recommend our favorite places to stay near the St. George Temples, let’s give a brief overview and history. The St. George Temple is not only the first temple built in St. George, Utah, but it is also the oldest temple belonging to the global community of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

History of St. George Temple

In 1871, Brigham Young announced plans to build a temple in St. George. Knowing the challenges ahead, church members drew on their prior experience. Shortly after founding St. George, Brigham Young directed the Saints to construct a public meeting space, a tabernacle. They started building in 1863 and used the Tabernacle as a learning experience for future construction in St. George. They identified sources for stone, plaster, mortar, and wood, setting the stage for the temple.

Truman Angell created the temple’s plans. On November 9, 1871, Brigham Young dedicated the site and spent subsequent winters in a home nearby, overseeing construction. The site stood partially on marshland, so the first construction step involved stabilizing the ground. Workers pounded black volcanic rock from a nearby bluff into the ground with a converted cannon used as a pile driver. When the pile driver bounced three times, they confirmed the ground’s stability for foundation construction.

In 19th-century Utah, everyone in the community contributed to temple construction. Residents of St. George and the surrounding Southern Utah area had some connection to the building. People donated money, sewed carpets, fed workers, or offered moral support. Brigham Young declared, “This temple builds upon the principles of the United Order. We can achieve anything by putting aside selfishness and focusing solely on building God’s kingdom on Earth.”

After completing the red sandstone walls, workers plastered them white. Brigham Young dedicated each finished section. In 1877, he announced that the April General Conference would occur in St. George. Upon his arrival, banners and cheering crowds greeted him, displaying their excitement for the temple and their prophet.

Many Saints had lost hope of ever seeing another temple. When Orson Hyde saw the font installation, he left the temple in tears, overwhelmed with emotion. After the temple’s dedication, Brigham Young met with Wilford Woodruff, who served as one of the Twelve Apostles in the Quorum and the first president of the St. George Temple. Together, they recorded temple ordinances for future generations.

Brigham Young passed away later that summer but left the Saints a lasting legacy: their first enduring temple for performing endowments for the living and the dead.

The Red Cliffs Temple

The Red Cliffs Utah Temple covers 96,277 square feet and is a three-story building with a full basement. It will be the twentieth Utah temple and the second in Washington County, following the 1877 St. George Utah Temple.

Rentals Near the St. George Temples

St. George, Utah, offers stunning natural landscapes and a rich history. Vacation rentals near the St. George Utah Temple and the newer Red Cliffs Temple provide comfort and convenience. Whether you seek a cozy townhome overlooking Copper Rock Golf Course, a spacious desert retreat, or a luxurious villa, options suit every budget and taste. All rentals lie within a 15-minute radius of these temples and provide easy access to activities like hiking in Snow Canyon State Park or exploring downtown St. George.


Set in the quaint outskirts of Santa Clara in Utah, dripping in luxury and surrounded by marvelous landscapes, Paradise Village at Zion invites you to a heavenly vacation where you can genuinely relax and enjoy life’s little pleasures. 

This is the ultimate location for the whole family as this newly-found community features countless exciting experiences for all ages! While you are out in the sun, kicking your feet up without worrying, your little ones can have a blast at the two waterparks and many playgrounds. Additionally, since Paradise Village is located near iconic national parks like the Grand Canyon and Brian Head Ski Resort, exploring their scenic trails and gorgeous vistas is a must! 

A world of opportunities awaits you in this heavenly community, and to ensure you have the most memorable holiday, we have selected our favorite vacation rentals near Paradise Village at Zion just for you!

Paradise at Zion Water Park


Boasting over 6 bedrooms, 2 spacious living rooms, and a vast array of entertainment options, the PV16 Casa Clara vacation rental near Paradise Village at Zion is the perfect spot for you to have a well-deserved “aah” moment! In addition to the abundance of national parks that are in the vicinity of the community, some of which are just a few minutes away, the PV16 Casa Clara is close to the St. George area, where you and your whole family can go for an epic hot-air-balloon ride!

Paradise village at zion

From the moment you enter, you’re graced with the sight of elegance and luxury. Both living rooms are as spacious as ever, and the second one even features a pool table! Then, you have a beautifully lit kitchen, thanks to the big windows equipped with cutting-edge appliances. Finally, the bedrooms will make you feel like you’re staying in a 5-star hotel, while the rooftop terrace offers the best views of the surroundings, perfect for relaxing after a whole day of adventure!

Some of the noteworthy features of the PV16 Casa Clara vacation rental near Paradise Village at Zion include:

PV16 Casa Clara




The PV48 Desert Paradise Retreat is another fabulous vacation rental near Paradise Village at Zion, adorned with a fantastic blend of comfort, luxury, and convenience. The open floor plan, along with the estate’s relaxing atmosphere, will make you feel right at home! Also, PV48 Desert Paradise Retreat offers the best vistas of Paradise Village due to the grand windows that allow plenty of light in, illuminating the space wonderfully.

There are two living spaces at the vacation rental near Paradise Village at Zion, both of which are equipped with ultra-comfortable seating areas, and the main one even has a cozy fireplace! The kitchen comes with everything you need to have the most memorable family dinner, while the 4 bedrooms are not only luxurious but super comfortable as well! And for the ultimate tranquility, head to the rooftop deck, light the fire pit, and create memories you’ll remember for a lifetime!

Here’s what you can expect from this fantastic estate:

While these are some of our favorite vacation rentals in Paradise Village at Zion, a lot more options await you on our site! So, once you’re done checking out all of our options, check out the rest of our blogs for even more thrilling destinations and vacation rentals for your next adventure!

PV48 Desert Paradise Retreat


We hacked the Airbnb algorithm to get our listings ranking on the first page of almost every search and increase profits for our owners. Our listings are performing 26.9% better than our competition and that is all year round. Keep reading below to learn how to understand the Airbnb algorithm and essentially hack their ranking system so that way you can get the occupancy rate that you want Here at Sunny Vacation Rentals we like to shoot for 60 to 70 percent occupancy rate so it gives us enough downtime to do repairs on homes. This is a balance of not pricing to high or to low and gives us maximum returns without destroying the home. With that said if you think you can handle 100 percent occupancy rate, read below to find the best hacks and adjust your price to keep the bookings coming in.

How AirBnB Ranks You

Did you know that whenever you create a new Airbnb listing you get an automatic one month ranking boost? Yeah, so don’t be intimidated. You have plenty of time to put into play what you are learning here on this article so that way you can increase your occupancy too. So first thing you need to know about the Airbnb algorithm is it’s called an interest algorithm. This is what Airbnb themselves call the algorithm. Now it’s not a trending algorithm per se, but it is capable of picking up listings that are trending so that way it can quickly get ’em up to the top so people book them up and fill their calendars.

Airbnb’s matching system works by essentially trying to find out what guests like and showing them more of what they like because Airbnb’s guest experience determines whether or not they retain on the platform. See, Airbnb doesn’t just care about whether or not hosts get booked. They want to make sure that the users on the platform have the best experience. So there’s word of mouth marketing and there’s retention. Airbnb will silently push to the bottom all the listings that they think aren’t really good for their brand, right? You can still get found on Mapview and you dig deep enough and you can find almost any listing on the platform. But Airbnb at the very front on the first page of search and on their homepage, they want to push all this stuff that looks the best. And so in order for you to hack the algorithm, you need to understand what Airbnb’s motives are as a company and start to give them more of what they want and here’s how we can pull it off.

What does Airbnb look for?

So what is the algorithm looking for? There are four main categories we can control. Out of the hundreds of little things that they look for, there are four main categories that you should be focused on.  Occupancy, views, hang time and reviews. Lets dive deeper into each one.

Occupancy: Now, if you’re nearly 100% occupied, Airbnb doesn’t need to understand why. They just need to know that you are nearly 100% occupied all the time. So they make the assumption that your listing is popular and they will push it more based on occupancy alone. This even is like you could say noted in your Airbnb profile, if you stay over 90% occupied down at the bottom below the calendar, it’ll say Rare find. This listing is very rarely available, so book it now kind of thing. So they put these call to actions in there for you if you’re tend to be fully occupied. One hack for this that we don’t plan on deep diving in on this article is pricing strategy. If you do good dynamic pricing, you can get near 100% occupancy by changing your prices and Airbnb will go, Hey, cool, you’re popular.

Views: This is probably the most known one. The more you get clicked on, the more your profile is loaded, the more Airbnb assumes interest, right? You are interested enough in the thumbnail and the title to click on it and that is interest. So Airbnb will bump your ranking up based on clicks. Just total views per month is going to be a number and we’re going to teach you how to access to.

Hang time: Once somebody clicks on your listing, how much time are they spending on your listing? This is actually important. It’s almost just like the Instagram algorithm where you scroll and you stop on a photo. Instagram, Twitter, all these social media companies know exactly how much time you’re spending at a certain point on your phone. So if you’re looking at one photo, even though you didn’t like it or engage with it, they still know that you liked it because you stopped to look at it for an extended period of time and Airbnb tracks the same thing. Now, we’re not going to talk about things like conversion percentage, like how frequently somebody books after they view you. This isn’t actually something that we can really quantify. It is a metric, but we think it’s a small one and the reason why is it’s pretty darn complex. If your calendar’s always full, it’s kind of impossible to get booked. So your conversion percentage goes down the more the calendar gets full. So Airbnb has to make a trade off here. They prefer to see that you’re a hundred percent booked as opposed to having a high conversion percentage.

Reviews:  See there’s this backend loop that Airbnb checks on to make sure that your guests actually liked their stay because you could perform really well on the front end, beautiful space, your copywriting’s good, all the stuff that we’ll talk about here, it goes well. But then after a guest stays, they weren’t happy, they weren’t satisfied, you didn’t run a good business and your negative reviews or your suboptimal reviews, Airbnb will say, well, hey, this is kind of a liability. We like that. It’s good on the front end when people scroll, that’s cool and all, but people aren’t enjoying it. And when people don’t enjoy their stays, they’re less likely to rebook on Airbnb. So this negative feedback loop causes you to get pushed down in rankings even though on the front end you did everything right, you still have to run a good business.

How to get clicks

Step one, you need to clickbait people. Now, I know that sounds a little illicit, but trust me, clickbait isn’t all bad. You have a good offering. You need to find a creative way to market it, and what clickbait does is it generates curiosity and curiosity generates clicks. Now your title and your thumbnail will be the two most important parts of generating this curiosity, and one of my favorite things to do is choosing your thumbnail photo, otherwise known as the hero photo on Airbnb.

You want to click or you want to choose a photo that encourages somebody to see the bigger version of it. So you can have a beautiful photo be like, wow, that’s super pretty, but you should always have a detail in that shot that people want to see that thing close up. For example, you could have something in your shot that actually has text in it. You could say like a piece of artwork that has some text, but because it’s so small they can’t quite read what it says and they just have to know what that thing says. That’s a fun one. You can use colors like little accents of red. What’s it red in that photo? Because when it’s small, they don’t know if it’s an apple sitting on a countertop or something else. So they’ll actually click to enlarge things that just seem pixelated and small from far away.

The title, we don’t typically use clickbaity call to actions like check this space out or anything like that, but we will say some things like private pool or king bed, we will always put some of the amenities. We try to put a bunch of benefits in the title instead of saying, look, check this out. You won’t believe this. We’re not trying to get somebody to click on an article. So you don’t do the cliche click bait like call to actions in the title, but you should list things that people go, oh, “I want a place with that stuff.”

Now it’s important that you focus on competitive amenities when you do list out that description or that title because if everybody offers free parking in the neighborhood, then putting free parking isn’t really special. But if you have a gym and no one else has a gym, then you should be putting that you have a gym in your title, right? Competitive or more rare amenities go great in the title.

Sleeping Occupancy

Now, we mean the total number of guests that you can sleep. We have studio apartments that can sleep with a king bed and then there’s a sleeper sofa or just a really comfy couch and that’s like three, but then we put a rollaway bed and that makes it four. One of those smile back rollaway beds or with a sleeper sofa. That’s five. We don’t expect people to try to cram five into a space. Those rollaway beds are great if people have kids and stuff, that’s typically what they get used for. If there’s small children that they want to give them a bed, they pop this rollaway bed out. You’re not going to have five guys go book a studio that can sleep five if one’s a couch and two or rollaway beds and one’s a king bed. Even though you’re advertising that you can sleep five, you tend to not get those size groups anyway, but what it does for you is it makes you pop up more in searches when a group of four or five is looking for a place, your listing will pop up even though it’s really optimal to sleep three and people will still click on your space because your price points probably competitive compared to the larger listings that can easily sleep them.

So you get curiosity just in general and you get these clicks. So engineering your guest count actually helps you get more views. This actually helps when you get into larger listings. Let’s say you’ve got a listing that really comfortably sleeps 10, but you’ve made it so it can sleep 12 or 13. Now in that case you might get a group that doesn’t really have the option of any other good property because when there’s larger properties, there’s less inventory available at the larger sizes. So if you’ve got a good property with good reviews and stuff and somebody’s got to sleep on a rollaway bed, but it’s their best option, even considering the rollaway bed, you probably still will get a booking from a group that maxes out at 13 even though you comfortably sleep 10 because everything else that sleeps 13 is either way overpriced or just is a trash listing in the upper levels.

This actually works for collecting more money on your listing because if you can sleep 13, you will make more money than if you can sleep 10 in the platform. Searchability becomes the next most important thing for getting views, which of course is generating that interest algorithm to kick up. There’s something kind of nerdy we can teach you here. It’s called a Boolean search, BOOLEAN. Essentially it’s an all or nothing search. So when somebody’s looking for a place, they’re like, I want to be available the six days. Well, if you’re not available all six days, of course they’re not going to show your listing. You can’t host them. But there’s other things like they want something that’s pet friendly with a gym and free parking and they click all those boxes. You might be available those six days, but you don’t meet their requirements for free parking, pet friendly, you’re not going to get shown, and this matters for every little checkbox that they choose. So if somebody wants an onsite washer and dryer, you may have one, but you’ve selected washer dryer, but you didn’t select that it was an onsite washer and dryer. Now because Airbnb has actually added all these extra little mini boxes in their amenities section, like all the weirdest stuff, they want to know if you have the kitchen stuff. So you may have kitchen utensils and everything you need to cook with, but you haven’t gone and updated your listing to check that box that you have a full kitchen, right? So if somebody clicks kitchen, you might get taken out of search even though you qualify for that person because you haven’t updated all those little check boxes. So go back through your listing and make sure that every single imaginable amenity that you offer is selected.

Minimum night Stays

Another thing that helps you get more views is to get rid of your minimum night’s stay and instead offset that with pricing. Allow someone to book 1 night but increase the price by 30 to 40% to make it worth your time. You can also make it so you can only do 1 day stays during the week but weekends require 2 day stays that way someone doesn’t book Saturday and stop the entire weekend from getting booked. The point of the minimum stay rule is to show up in AirBnb’s search results as much as possible.

When people see your listings, they think that your image is awesome and your title is awesome. They click it just to see what your expensive place looks like, right? So you can do a good job of marketing your place but overcharge and then people won’t book it, but you still get the hang time and the view count, which is super important.

Write amazing descriptions

Let’s look at your copywriting, your storytelling ability and your ability to write everything out in your description. Now, truth of the matter is six out of 10 guests, the first thing that they do is they flip through photos. We’re about to cover this here and next, but then people who don’t just flip through photos automatically, they will scroll down in your listing and look at your listing and read it. So some best practices for copywriting is you should story tell. When you write, you should speak in a way that allows somebody to kind of imagine that they are going to be booking your space. When you arrive, you will find this and you’ll experience blank or blank. Don’t say, this listing has this. This listing has this listing, has this. Use the words like you will experience and you will see and you’ll feel right. We’re talking about sensory inputs here and using the word you to really speak to the customer that’s reading yourself. That’s enough that I think you need to know in this video about storytelling best practices because that’ll cause people to continue to read, which increase their hang time, and it might actually increase your conversion because people are like, you know what? I like this. This sounds good. I’m going to book it. So this drives up bookings as well as your hang time. Now that means you also need to clean up the way that you write your sentences. You need to make sure you have good grammar. You don’t have all these run-on sentences where you use a bunch of really junky filler words and you just have one big block paragraph that’s like 2000 words, and that’s the whole description. It’s just one big block of a paragraph. You need to clean that up. There are ways that people tend to read and view things, so spacing out your copywriting. I think there’s something called the F pattern with the way that people read. And then there’s also the Z pattern, which is more for graphics, but if you understand how people tend to read and skip down and read and skip down, you can create spacings to make sure that you accentuate certain key things that you want people to know without overwhelming them with this big forest of verbiage.

And in your description, you should be including your amenities and your benefits and do it in a bullet point format, We like to say included with this space colon. And then down below I’ll say free parking, fast wifi, smart tv with Disney plus Netflix, Amazon prime, hbo max coffee with decaf and tea. And we just bullet point every single thing out that I think somebody will enjoy. And doing it in a bullet point format helps you make what looks like to be a big stack of amenities and benefits that are awesome because a lot of people don’t ever click that amenities button tab thing when they search through a listing. Airbnb does offer this graphic where you can click on amenities and it’ll map it all out, but people don’t tend to interact with that button, but they will read the description. So if you bullet point out and make a whole big stack of all the amenities in your description, that really helps push the sale and then calls to action, you should have multiple calls to action within your copywriting where you say, book this place.

You really actually literally say, book this place. Come stay with us. We’ll be happy to have you. And you can even embed it when you stay here. You can say soft things like that too, but you need to create calls to action where people think in their brain, I’m going to book this place, and you can really influence that in the way that you do your copywriting. So don’t just describe your place, but include assumptive sentences like that when you wake up. That’s part of your storytelling. But then include those call to actions like book today kind of stuff. Step five, you need to glam up that listing, and that’s largely done with the photos.


What one thing is that causes people not the book,  is you can have too many photos or too many similar photos that’ll cause people to not book. Or you can take photos of things that you think are important, but the photo just doesn’t look good. See, there’s a concept of overselling here that you have to be careful for. If you could take a photo of your washer and dryer, but your washer and dryer is  old and kind looks janky and you don’t have good lighting in that area and you just take this photo that just looks dark and weird, it doesn’t fit with your whole photo reel, don’t put that in there. Don’t take a photo of your pots and pens underneath the cabinets with the doors open. That doesn’t really fit, does it? And that photo is going to be hard to get good lighting. It’s going to look cluttered down there, so don’t do that either. Instead, stage your home, put the pots and pans on this stove, put a cutting board out, put a knife on the cutting board, stage your coffee station so they can see the coffee and the decaf and the tea.

You put that whole thing in playhouse there. Set your table with plates, cups, bowls, wine glasses. Put a bottle of wine on the photo and just even use place mats and stuff. Set the whole place as if somebody’s ready to stay in it and then have the photos taken. You don’t have to take ’em yourself. You can have a professional do it, but if you do, take ’em yourself. Use HDR, do bracketing photos, and I have a photography masterclass video. You can go back and watch that. You just want to make sure that your photos are nice and bright and welcoming, very much like home and garden kind of style, which of course, let me just show you some photos as we’re talking about this, of photos that look great. Money shots are going to be wonderful photos that could all be your hero photo, could all be your thumbnail photo.

You want five thumbnail worthy photos, and they become the first five photos. The reason why is when somebody’s on desktop, they see one photo, they click on you, they open up your listing, and boom, you’re on the desktop. Now five photos are showing the first one that they saw, but then they see four more to the right. Now if they don’t go flip through your photo reel and start to read the description and go up and go down and just forget to click on your photo reel. You want those five photos to do a sufficient job of selling your space. They need to be five diverse photos of all the stuff that’s wonderful about your property. So let’s say you have a four bedroom house with this big living room that’s got two stories and stuff. That’s one great photo. Let’s say you’ve got a kitchen with an island and all the pots and pans and whatever need.

You need a glamor shot of the kitchen. Let’s say your backyard is done up where you’ve got a gazebo and everything looks good. Do a twilight hour shot and twilight hours where the sun is low enough, where it’s gone, that you can see the stars, but there’s still enough ambient light that you can get a good picture of the house of the backyard. Twilight photos are probably the best performing photos for selling houses when you put ’em on the market. So you might as well get a twilight photo outside if you’re going to put it on your short-term rental. Other ones that you could put are like competitive amenities. If you’ve got one of a hot tub, if you’ve got one with your gym, you could do nearby attractions. If you don’t have enough photos of say, like your studio apartment for example, you can go do nearby attractions.

Wrapping things up

You’re going to get people booking. Now, all of that will feed back into the front end and Airbnb will go, people are interested. This is going well, right? And that is even before you even get one review, you can have 10 days, 12 days of positive feedback before you even get your first review on Airbnb, and this will push your listing up and up and up in the rankings. Now, the only thing I have to put on your shoulders now is to make sure you do get the good review. Be a good host, be good to your guests, care about them and serve them well, and you’ll get the five star reviews.  This is how we run our business we know AirBnB’s algo’s inside and out its not hard to one-up the competition and that’s why our owners choose us to manager their property. Property management is not for everyone and until you actually try it for your self you will see it much more time-consuming then you thought and picking a property management company like Sunny Vacation Rentals that is experienced and knows what they are doing is worth the investment.

Many people ask us about the legality of Airbnb in St. George, Utah, and the answer is often disappointing. St. George Utah enforces strict vacation rental laws that can result in substantial fines and legal trouble for homeowners who attempt to list their properties on platforms like Airbnb or VRBO without proper adherence to regulations.

Vacation Rentals and Zoning in St. George, Utah

In St. George, short-term residential rentals are generally prohibited in residential zones, mobile home zones, agricultural zones, and residential plan development zones. There are exceptions, primarily related to planned development zones, which include communities with over a hundred units, offering amenities like golf courses, tennis or pickleball courts, and pools with clubhouses. Examples of such exceptions include popular areas like Sports Village and Las Palmas in the Green Valley region.

Another limited exception allows short-term rentals in residential areas, but the criteria are stringent. Homeowners can host Airbnb guests if their lot size exceeds two acres, they secure written consent from all neighbors within 300 feet, obtain a business license, and meet strict parking requirements. However, it’s doubtful that every Airbnb host in the area complies with these rules.

Neighboring Areas with More Lenient Rules

For those interested in vacation rentals, it’s worth exploring neighboring areas like Hurricane, Washington, Santa Clara, and Ivins. These cities have more relaxed short-term rental laws and even communities designed specifically for vacation rentals. Pending statewide legislation, House Bill 0253, may further change the landscape of short-term rentals in Utah.

Hurricane City, Utah: Hurricane City allows short-term rentals in residential zones but with a cap of 48 rentals for the entire city and a waiting list for permits. This waiting list is very long. Several communities, such as Elim Valley, Dunes at Sand Hollow, and Copper Rock, are zoned for vacation rentals.

Washington City, Utah: Washington City does not permit short-term rentals in residential zones, and code enforcement monitors Airbnb listings. However, this may change if new legislation passes. Some vacation rental communities, like Freedom Village and those in Coral Canyon, can be found here.

Santa Clara City, Utah: Santa City also restricts short-term rentals in residential zones and monitors Airbnb listings to enforce restrictions. Popular vacation rental communities include Paradise Village, Arcadia, and Ocotillo Springs.

Owning a Vacation Rental in Southern Utah

While local regulations may seem daunting, many cities have been allowing large vacation rental communities to thrive. These communities often offer attractive amenities like water parks, pickleball courts, and playgrounds, giving your vacation rental an edge over traditional homes. Furthermore, homes within these communities are zoned for vacation rentals, providing peace of mind for property owners.”

Reach out to us with any of your Vacation Rental Questions and Needs.